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A better investment for today and tomorrow.

Plat Circle Homes, Inc. is proud to offer new homes that have earned the ENERGY STAR® Certification.  An ENERGY STAR Certification means that your new home has been designed and built to standards well above other homes in the market today.  It means better quality, better comfort, and better durability.  It also means that your new home is a better value for today, and a better investment for tomorrow.  ENERGY STAR Certification gives you the peace of mind that your home has undergone a better process for inspections, testing, and verification to ensure that it meets strict requirements set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). 

Our homes use up to 40-50 percent less energy than typical new homes, and even more when compared to most resale homes on the market today.  Our ENERGY STAR Certified homes have undergone more inspections and testing than typical homes to ensure that your new home was built to higher standards.

ENERGY STAR Certified homes include:

  • A complete Thermal Enclosure System that includes comprehensive air sealing, quality-installed insulation, and high-performance windows, to deliver improved comfort and lower utility bills.
  • A high-efficiency Heating, Ventilation, and Cooling System that is designed and installed for optimal performance.
  • A comprehensive Water Management System to protect roofs, walls, and foundations from moisture damage.
  • Energy-efficient Lighting and Appliances to help keep utility bills low, while providing high-quality performance and longevity.

Attaining the ENERGY STAR Certification is an opportunity to reduce the environmental footprint of your home by incorporating energy-saving products and features, resulting in significant utility and maintenance savings.

At Plat Circle Homes, Inc. we hire a 3rd party Energy Inspector to test our energy efficiencies during construction and to certify each home upon completion.



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